OCTOBER 30, 2001 band to tour in support of release in November-December Philadelphia, PA - Stinking Lizaveta's new release, III, will hit the streets on October 30, 2001 via Tolotta Records. The band will tour the U.S. in November and December in support of the release. Tolotta Records is distributed by Southern.

Stinking Lizaveta formed in West Philadelphia in 1994. Guitar player Yanni Papadopoulos and drummer, Cheshire Agusta, first discovered a perfect bass: the upright electric Morelli, and then the man to play it, Yanni's brother Alexi.

The band's first releases, - hopelessness and shame., was recorded by Steve Albini in 1996. A monument to psycho-toxic-guitar-freak-out-hard-core-rock, its first pressing of 1,500 units sold out in six months. Their second album, Slaughterhouse, followed in 1997. Now, with the help of hard rockin' local engineer, Ben Danaher, the band has completed III, their third full length album.

The band has played extensively in the greater Philadelphia area and have several national tours under their belt. At home they are headliners in their own right and in both Philly, and on tour, they have played with acts like Zeni Geva, Today's the Day, Critters Buggin, Modest Mouse, Spirit Caravan, Thinking Feller's Union, Bouncing Souls, Rollins Band, Clutch, The Mystik Krewe of Clearlight, and The Mermen. Impossible to pigeon-hole, they have been compared to both Black Flag and King Crimson.

Stinking Lizaveta has received glowing reviews, Magnet explains "...the trio makes rhythm the focal point, creating roomy, angular instrumentals whose speaking power fires synapses in much the same way as your rat-nibbled copy of Black Flag's Process Of Weeding Out. Stinking Lizaveta is cut from the choicest of cloth."

While the LA Weekly enthuses "All instrumental, rarely wanky in a nauseous metal or blues way and tasteful in their choice of various improvisational meanderings, Stinking Lizaveta frequently comes up with gorgeous music, sounding both polished and unruly."

And the City Paper Music Awards voted Yanni Papadopoulos Philadelphia's Guitar Hero of 1999. Stinking Lizaveta are Cheshire Agusta on drums, Alexi Papadopoulos on electric upright bass and Yanni Papadopoulos on guitar.

The 12 tracks on the album are

  • 1. War of the Worlds,
  • 2. Revelationary,
  • 3. Stupid MF,
  • 4. Tenuous,
  • 5. Diana,
  • 6. The Sentence,
  • 7. Kira,
  • 8. Davis,
  • 9. Shu Shu,
  • 10. The Hanged Man,
  • 11. Naked and Alone
  • 12. Eastern Sun.

Visit the band online at III is available online at Tolotta Records is owned and operated by Joe Lally the bass player of Fugazi.

Stinking Lizaveta - III (CD, Tolotta, Instrumental/rock) This is an unusual band for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the drummer is female (but you'd never know it from hearing her play). Another unique aspect of this band is that the bass player plays an electric standup bass. Considering these two facts, you would probably never expect Stinking Lizaveta to be a guitar instrumental band.

Not surprisingly, this band's music sounds very much unlike other guitar instrumental bands. This trio can certainly turn up and blow out the chunks with their music...but they are just as likely to play a softer, almost jazzy style of music that most rock bands wouldn't touch with a ten foot stick. Stinking Lizaveta tunes have a cool spontaneous quality that is sadly missing in many rock bands of late. This could be one of the many traits that has helped them to garner a sizable underground following. Lots of wonderfully entertaining tunes here like "War of the Worlds," "Tenuous," "The Hanged Man," and "Eastern Sun" make this disc a truly enjoyable listen... (Rating: 4+++)



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